Our team is both knowledgeable and friendly, and well trained in all aspects of landscape irrigation. At Aqua Turf, the guiding design principles have always been efficiency and functionality. You can rest assured that our systems will keep everything looking its best without wasting our most precious resource.

Designing an efficient irrigation system  involves the consideration of many important factors. When a representative from Aqua Turf arrives at your property, you can be sure we will take into account all of the following:

  • Water source (municipal, well, rainwater collection)
  • Local water pressure (essential to system layout, determines whether a booster pump or pressure regulator is used)
  • Water requirements for the plant material specific to the site
  • Your plans for the property (will you be doing any new planting or seeding or expanding what we install now?)
  • Positioning of existing or future utilities, buildings, hardscapes, fences,  or rock outcroppings
  • Water Conservation: We are committed to designing irrigation systems that use water as efficiently as possible. That is why we have started installing the best “smart irrigation” technology available. All of our new designs include an option for ET based smart controller

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