In May 2014, Aqua Turf Irrigation began working with Mark Stagg to design the irrigation and lighting systems for a private residential golf course in Purchase, NY. The 3 acre course has three greens, four tee boxes, multiple sand traps, two fountains, and one large waterfall that overlooks the entire property. Understanding that the water requirements for the property would be demanding, the irrigation system was designed to use both rain and well water as efficiently as possible, eliminating the need to use municipal water for irrigation in all but the driest conditions. Please note that the photographs were taken mid December. We will take new photos in the spring to showcase the property looking its absolute best.

The lighting system includes a variety of Unique Lighting fixtures to accentuate the various plantings, landscape features, and stone work. Additionally, there are nine Stadium style LEDs mounted atop poles to extend use of the course into the evening.

Aqua Turf worked closely with Ray Mangini of  Fusion Specialties to create a series of custom metal pieces integral to the function of both the lighting and water delivery systems.Ray fabricated special mounts for the stadium style LEDs, and both the trough and spillway for the main fountain.

Here are some general photos of the property and main feature.