Installation will be done  by an experienced crew who will layout the system in accordance with your landscaping needs and design. We will either tap into the main water line or connect to a pumping system.

Your controller will either plug into a convenient wall outlet or be directly wired to the main panel by a licensed electrician. We will then install the main line, wiring valves, and valve boxes.

From the controller, electrical wiring is low voltage and is done by our technicians. After the necessary wiring is complete, we test the entire system for proper operation and control accuracy.

When the necessary labor for the installation is complete, Aqua Turf will then charge both the main and lateral lines to ensure your system is in full working order and irrigating the proper locations.

The heads will be checked and adjusted accordingly. Shortly after the installation you will be notified by your installation coordinator at Aqua Turf to schedule a system demonstration and at that time we will instruct you in the proper use of the controller.

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