The following post includes content from our first annual newsletter which went out to our customers mid January 2015. We wanted to post it here once again for those interested to peruse at their convenience. We are very excited to further develop the services offered new in 2017 as we move into 2018.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Aqua Turf is proud to announce that we are working with several manufacturers of Smart irrigation controllers. A “smart” controller is a Wi-Fi enabled unit that “understands” your landscape. After calculating how much water should be distributed over each zone, and at what times, the controller receives consistently reliable weather data from local stations and makes adjustments to your irrigation schedule accordingly. The major benefit of using a smart controller is immediate savings on your annual water bill. Furthermore, because the unit is Wi-Fi enabled, you can control your system from any device that is connected to the internet. This means you can make adjustments to a system from a remote location.  A more detailed explanation of how they work is available under the smart irrigation tab on the main menu of our website.

Backflow Device Inspection

A backflow prevention device is a very important part of any water delivery system. Because this device protects the municipal water supply from possible contamination, municipalities require annual backflow inspection to ensure the device is working properly. Aqua Turf Irrigation has a certified backflow tester on staff that can complete the test and file all necessary paperwork with the town and water purveyor.

Plumbing Services

Aqua Turf has a Licensed Master Plumber on staff and we are pleased to be able to offer a full suite of plumbing services. Call today for assistance with any plumbing project.

Sound System Installation

After installing sound systems for our own homes and outdoor spaces, we are pleased to offer sound system installation as part of our suite of home automation products.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Almost all of us have them in our own homes and we believe in these types of products. If you are interested in the installation of a “smart learning thermostat,” we can do that for you!

Holiday Lighting 

Our chief objective has always been making your property look its finest.This includes any holiday lighting or seasonal decoration project. Approaching every job with the same care, knowledge, and respect, our service technicians are committed to making sure your experience is the best it can be.

For more information on smart irrigation and our new service options, please call Alfred at 914 320 4041